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It takes skills to buy a preowned watch
It can be difficult to find your dream watch. We help you find this special piece through our large network of dealers around the world.

We are specialists in all major brands and help you find the right watch. Our focus is condition and originality to a fair price. We only offer 100 % original watches and gurantee this through our warranty.

For more information on buying watches please read our article (in danish)
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V/ Mads Urup Gjødesen
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M: info@TimetoWatch.dk

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Seneste ure til salg:


Rolex GMT II 116710LN
Årgang: 116710LN
Pris: 76.990 DKK
Rolex GMT II 16710
Årgang: 2005
Pris: 70.990 DKK
Rolex Sub 116610LV
Årgang: 2018
Pris: 106.990 DKK
JLC MC Chrono
Årgang: 2009
Pris: 30.990 DKK

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